Multi Asset

PanAgora’s Multi Asset strategies were founded on the basis of providing clients with globally diversified capabilities that implement thoughtful, risk-balanced portfolio construction. Today, the team manages Risk Parity, Diversified Factor Premia and Managed Futures strategies which all leverage our proprietary portfolio construction approach.

Investment Strategies

Risk Parity Multi Asset
Diversified Factor Premia
Managed Futures


A globally diversified asset allocation approach that balances risk across Equity, Fixed Income, and Commodity markets, in a manner designed to generate stable positive returns under varying environments of growth, contraction and inflation.

A strategy designed with thoughtful risk-balanced portfolio construction that seeks to efficiently capture and combine exposures to a suite of diversified sources of factor-based Risk Premia within a broad array of capital markets that are generally uncorrelated with traditional market premia.

A systematic, risk-balanced strategy that seeks to efficiently harvest trend premia in various markets, with the goal of generating attractive absolute returns that are generally uncorrelated with traditional asset classes, and potential to provide downside protection during market crises.