Stock Selector Equity

PanAgora’s Stock Selector Equity strategies utilize a quantitative investment approach predicated on the belief that stock prices are largely driven by the fundamental strengths, or weaknesses, of an underlying company’s business, and, therefore, that certain quantifiable measures are indicative of a company’s likely success or failure. PanAgora believes the best way to capitalize on this mispricing is to deploy an approach that combines in-depth fundamental insights with robust quantitative techniques using unique information sets. Rather than relying on commonly used commercial databases, we invest a tremendous amount of research and technological effort in discovering and developing our own unique databases from unconventional sources. By developing and utilizing non-traditional databases and discovering new sources of information, we are able to go deeper into the information set of each company but with the advantage of broad, systematic application across entire industries.

Investment Strategies

Long-Only Equity

  • U.S.
  • Global
  • International
  • Emerging Markets

Long-Short Equity

  • Healthcare
  • Merger Arbitrage