Stock Selector Strategies

PanAgora’s Stock Selector strategies blend fundamental insight with quantitative techniques in a distinguished manner to move beyond traditional systematic and fundamental investing. The Stock Selector methodology deploys proprietary models to analyze companies on many levels ranging from macroeconomic influences and issues related to industry structure, to company-specific details derived from financial statements and other proprietary sources of information. We systematically extract information from a variety of specialized data sources to enhance our fundamental understanding of a company’s business model and to gain more insight into the potential drivers of a stock’s price movement. Using the information derived from these models, the Stock Selector team constructs portfolios much like a traditional stock picker, but in a disciplined and rigorous fashion, paying careful attention to managing and controlling risk-exposures in effort to maximize risk-adjusted return.

Absolute Return

  • Diversified Arbitrage Strategy

Relative Return

  • Global Stock Selector
  • U.S. Large Cap Stock Selector*
  • U.S. Small Cap Stock Selector

*Style strategies available

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