Our Approach

PanAgora fosters an investment culture of collaboration where insights can be shared among investors, thus compounding the value of those insights. Portfolio managers at PanAgora participate directly in our research efforts, ensuring that the process is grounded in reality to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, and not just as an academic exercise.

With approximately 50 investment professionals, as of 2023 located in Boston, who leverage proprietary and non-proprietary sources of information, we believe our research capabilities are state-of-the-art. We continuously strive to enhance our investment strategies, while also seeking new strategies to meet the expanding investment needs of our clients across a broad array of asset classes.

PanAgora is an investment management organization that values an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, experience and views. We encourage a work environment of mutual respect, openness, communication, entrepreneurship, teamwork and trust, which fosters collaboration and compounds the value of insights contributed by any single member of our investment teams. This environment allows for a focus on research and innovation where investors are not only motivated, but are empowered to uncover new intelligence.

At PanAgora, we strongly believe in client partnerships. We work as a cohesive team and foster the relationship because we do well only when our clients do well. To this end, we believe in providing flexible investment solutions tailored to their evolving needs. We pair an array of diverse investment offerings with a high degree of transparency, which we believe provides our clients with the confidence and trust to thoughtfully place our strategies within the context of their portfolios.

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