Dynamic Equity Strategies

PanAgora’s Dynamic Equity strategies employ a proprietary Contextual Alpha Modeling technology that is based on fundamental investment principles. The premise of Contextual Alpha Modeling is that no two stocks are alike and their behavior changes through time requiring a dynamic and distinct analytical model. The Dynamic Equity approach combines firm-specific, sector-specific and region-specific information in a quantitative framework to derive custom-tailored alpha models for a broad universe of global securities.

Absolute Return

  • Dynamic Global Market Neutral
  • Dynamic Emerging Markets Market Neutral

Extended Alpha (130/30)

  • Dynamic Global Extended Alpha
  • Dynamic International Extended Alpha

Relative Return

  • Dynamic Global Equity
  • Dynamic International Equity
  • Dynamic Emerging Markets Equity
  • Dynamic US Large Cap Core Equity
  • Dynamic US Small Cap Core Equity
  • Dynamic US Small Cap Value Equity

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