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PanAgora CEO Says Golden Age of Quants Isn’t Over

May 17, 2019

CEO, Eric Sorensen, spoke with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker about the current quant investment environment and his battle plan for stocks on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

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PanAgora’s CIO, George Mussalli, was the feature of Chris Sloley’s piece “Quantifiably green: $46bn AM firm’s CIO outlines ESG ambitions,” published by Citywire.

May 13, 2019

There are two major undercurrents in fund management at present – ESG and technological advancement in the form of quantitative investing. George Mussalli, chief investment officer and head of research for equity at US-based quant specialist PanAgora, is seeking marry the two together as best as possible

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PanAgora was the feature of Michael Paterakis’ CTA Intelligence article, “PanAgora’s New Secret Sauce,” focusing on our efforts in applying Machine Learning to understand Chinese cyber-slang.

April 24, 2019

“With China already being the world’s second-largest economy and projected to overtake the US at some point in the next decade, PanAgora’s approach, if successful, could be a game-changer.”

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Mark Anson CFA, CAIA, Ph.D. and Margaret E. Wyrwas Appointed to PanAgora Asset Management’s Board of Directors

April 18, 2019

Quantitative investment manager PanAgora Asset Management (“PanAgora” or the “Firm”) today announced that Mark Anson and Margaret E. Wyrwas have been appointed to the Firm’s board of directors. Mr. Anson and Ms. Wyrwas are the first two individuals from outside of the Firm to join PanAgora’s board.

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CEO, Eric Sorensen, was the feature of Value Walk’s article “‘King of Quants’ Questions Machine Learning: ‘Can Machines Learn Without Humans?'”

April 12, 2019

“As head of Boston-based PanAgora Asset Management, he [Sorensen] looks at trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other quantitative advancements and he sees repeating patterns in history. Today’s challenge, he told ValueWalk, is sifting through the hype to recognize meaningful advancements.”

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PanAgora was selected as the winner in the Smart Beta category for the Asian Investor Asset Management Award 2019 for the Defensive US Equity Low Volatility strategy.

April 10, 2019

AsianInvestor is announcing its annual Asset Management Award winners. To begin, we reveal the asset class award winners – the top funds across 14 categories.

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Bryan Belton and Eddie Qian’s paper “Endowment Model vs. Risk Parity as Alternatives to 60/40 Portfolio” was the feature of Julie Segal’s article “Risk Parity Beats the Endowment Model,” published by Institutional Investor.

April 8, 2019

“Over the last 20 years, institutional investors have raced to employ the endowment model with its large allocation to alternatives to diversify away from the equity risk of in a traditional 60-40 portfolio. But new research from quantitative asset manager PanAgora finds investors would have been better off taking a risk-parity approach over the last […]

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PanAgora was the feature of the Business Insider article “A portfolio manager at a $43 billion investment firm explains firms’ flawed approach to using alternative data, and how they can fix it”

March 22, 2019

“Mike Chen, a portfolio manager at PanAgora Asset Management, said firms are struggling to find value in alternative data because of their approach. Instead of trying out a variety of data feeds, Chen said firms should first develop a specific investment question they’d like to solve.”

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Nick Alonso and Eddie Qian were featured in Bloomberg’s article “Quant Famed for Ray Dalio-Like Trades Has Battle Plan for Stocks.”

February 27, 2019

“A Boston-based quant firm is channeling Ray Dalio’s playbook in an attempt to navigate late-cycle markets that are flipping between giddy rallies and gut-wrenching losses. PanAgora is a fan… it’s the professional home of Edward Qian, who coined the term [Risk Parity]… According to a recent paper [on Defensive Equity] by Alonso and Qian, PanAgora’s […]

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George Mussalli was quoted in Waters Technology’s piece “Crowded Alt Data Market Makes Standing Out Difficult for Providers.”

February 26, 2019

“For alternative data consumers, the shop windows glitter with potential. Providers offer innovative datasets that range from satellite imagery of crop productivity for commodities and futures traders to datasets comprised of US labor statistics projecting employment trends to spreadsheets of consumer credit card purchases that could predict trends ahead of official earnings announcements.”  

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