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Eric Sorensen was interviewed by Portfolio Management Research as part of their ‘Industry Voices’ campaign.

February 12, 2020

Eric shares his insights on his latest research “The Golden Age of Quant,” the effects of ESG investing when building quant portfolios, and key components to driving innovation within the quant space. Portfolio Management Research’s ‘Industry Voices’ is the latest collaboration with some of the investment industry’s most notable thought-leaders and authors in The Journal […]

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Interview with LinkedInLive at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit

February 11, 2020

George Mussalli was interviewed by LinkedIn’s Devin Banerjee, Senior Financial Services Editor, at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit. The live show broke down the jobs report, coronavirus impact, and the state of the economy.

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George Mussalli was featured in Faye Kilburn’s article “ESG like a new factor, alt managers say,” published by

February 10, 2020

George Mussalli, chief investment officer and head of research at $45 billion quant shop PanAgora, said quants will “dominate in ESG in the future”. The firm “drifted” into the ESG sphere as part of its research into fundamental factors that affect companies’ performance. But now PanAgora views sustainable investing as an alpha-generative technique in its […]

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George Mussalli was featured in Leslie Norton’s piece on ESG investing, “To Make Money in Sustainable Investing, Don’t Just Buy Stocks With High ESG Ratings,” published by Barron’s.

February 7, 2020

“Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are a source of alpha investing, though simply buying stocks that have high ESG ratings isn’t a sufficient reason for outperformance, investment managers say. The investors were speaking at panels or on the sidelines of the Cayman Alternative Investments Summit, which this year is focusing on global, digital, and […]

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PanAgora’s CEO, Eric Sorensen, was featured in Justina Lee’s article “Sixteen Leading Quants Imagine the Next Decade in Global Finance,” published by Bloomberg.

January 29, 2020

“Humans beating back the machines. Value rising from the dead. Factor funds dethroning the bond kings. If the world’s top quants are right, get ready for another decade of disruption across investing strategies, business models and the very structure of markets. Over the past 10 years, rules-based traders minted billions with their black-box algorithms and […]

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Mike Chen was quoted in Bradley Saacks and Dan DeFrancesco’s article “The alt-data industry is having growing pains after its sudden glow up – and insiders are looking at new pricing models and unlikely customers,” published by Business Insider.

January 23, 2020

“People are starting to question: Is every piece of alternative data worth it?” Mike Chen, director of portfolio management at $43 Panagora Asset Management, said. “People are starting to realize not everything is valuable. Not all that glitters is gold.”

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George Mussalli was quoted in Emily Chasan’s article “Quants Say They Can Make Investing More Sustainable,” published by Bloomberg Businessweek.

January 22, 2020

“That’s because much of the data on environmental, social, and governance issues—ESG, in the investment world’s shorthand—comes from companies themselves. “The question is always whether ESG information is more of a PR marketing story,” says George Mussalli, chief investment officer and head of research for equities at PanAgora Asset Management, which describes its approach as […]

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George Mussalli was quoted in Dervedia Thomas’ article “Managers Move Cautiously with Alternative Data as Scrutiny Intensifies,” published by FundFire.

January 10, 2020

“Other alternative data sets, such as GPS-related sources that disclose locations, may be risky,” says George Mussalli, PanAgora Asset Management’s equities CIO and head of research. “A lot of these things are coming from apps,” he says. “The problem is, I am not sure that everyone that is using the app is fully aware that […]

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PanAgora would like to congratulate the winners of the 18th annual Dr. Richard A. Crowell Prize, which recognizes new and cutting-edge academic research that connects theory and practice in the field of quantitative investing.

December 19, 2019

A paper that examines how foreign and local sentiments play roles in affecting asset prices across markets has won this year’s Richard A. Crowell prize. Azi Ben-Rephael, Xi Dong, Massimo Massa and Changyun Zhou won the prize for their paper “Foreign Sentiment.”

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George Mussalli was quoted in Ken Rapoza’s article “In 2020, Russians Will Rediscover Capitalism,” published by Forbes.

December 17, 2019

“People were getting overly pessimistic in the second half about a recession, about Brexit and maybe even U.S. labor markets being overheated,” says George Mussalli, chief investment officer and head of equity research for PanAgora Asset Management, a 30 year old quant fund firm based in Boston with around $44 billion in assets under management. 

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