At PanAgora Asset Management, we believe that attractive risk-adjusted returns can be achieved through a disciplined, systematic approach to investing that capitalizes on the insights of talented investment professionals with diverse yet complementary backgrounds.  The four key components of our overall philosophy are as follows:

Team: We believe that a team approach to investing fosters collaboration and compounds the value of insights contributed by any single member of our investment teams.

Research: We believe that creativity and innovation are the foundation of any credible investment process. We also believe  a holistic approach to research that emphasizes identifying inefficiencies often overlooked by the mainstream of traditional academic research contributes to the development of more robust processes.

Process: We believe a process deploying quantitative techniques based upon sound fundamental insights, whether they relate to investor behavior, a company’s operations, macro-economic signals, micro structure variables,  or other trends in the  marketplace, is likely to generate more persistent performance than less disciplined approaches or those that rely too heavily upon statistical techniques without fully understanding the underlying factors that influence a security’s price movement.

Service: We believe in providing flexible investment solutions tailored to the evolving needs of our clients.  We complement an array of attractive investment offerings with a high degree of transparency in an attempt to ensure our clients are comfortable with their understanding of the drivers of past performance and have proper expectations for the future.   We focus on providing unfettered access to experienced client service and investment professionals and pride ourselves on providing accurate and timely communication with our clients.