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PanAgora in the News

PanAgora’s Nick Alonso was quoted in Ksenia Galouchko’s article “Beloved Quant Trade of 2019 is Under Threat Now Risk is Back,” published by Bloomberg.

November 7, 2019

“Low vol is well-positioned to do particularly well going forward,” said Nick Alonso, director of the multi-asset group at PanAgora Asset Management. “There’s no shortage of uncertainty coming from Europe but positioning a strategy to be more defensive globally, that’s a pretty strong position to be in going into the next year.”

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Eric Sorensen was the feature of Chris Sloley’s article “Two battlefronts that will define quant’s future leaders,” published by Citywire.

October 2, 2019

“The quantitative investment houses that will lead the market are those that can get ahead in the fight for superior information processes and convert them into effective models. That is one of the key takeaways from ‘The golden age of quant’, a research paper by Eric Sorensen, the chief executive officer and president of systematic […]

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Mike Chen was interviewed by Sondra Campanelli for a podcast published by machineByte.

Mike and Sondra spoke about PanAgora’s approach to Machine Learning and ESG.

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George Mussalli was quoted in Ksenia Galouchko’s article “AI isn’t ready to take fund manager jobs yet,” published by Bloomberg.

“PanAgora Asset Management, a $45 billion quant fund based in Boston, has been creative in using natural language processing to analyze Chinese equities. Its machine-learning tool spiders through online forum posts by retail Chinese traders and identifies cyber slang words they use to avoid government censors, who might crack down on negative language, such as […]

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George Mussalli was quoted in Justina Lee’s article “Wall Street Races to Figure Out If Quant Stock Shock Is Over,” published by Bloomberg.

September 17, 2019

“It’s overdue,” said George Mussalli, chief investment officer at PanAgora Asset. “If you look at value stocks like AT&T and GM, they haven’t gone anywhere in three years while the whole market has rallied.”

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Mike Chen was quoted in Bradley Saacks and Dan DeFrancesco’s piece “Alternative data player Thasos just laid off the majority of its staff and its CEO resigned. It might be a sign of tough times to come for a market set to grow to $7 billion,” published by Business Insider.

“We may have a bit of an alternative data bubble,” Mike Chen, a portfolio manager at PanAgora Asset Management, told Business Insider. “I believe that a lot of the more advanced alternative data users — advanced hedge funds and investors — are probably experiencing what I might call ‘alternative data fatigue.’”

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George Mussalli was quoted in Mike Bird and Lucy Craymer’s article “China Says Growth Is Fine. Private Data Show a Sharper Slowdown,” published by The Wall Street Journal.

September 10, 2019

“George Mussalli, who oversees research and investments at Boston-based PanAgora Asset Management Inc., said one metric he monitors yearly is a ‘Spring Festival Index’ produced by Chinese web-search giant Baidu Inc. PanAgora is a quantitative investment fund that uses data, mathematical and computer models to develop trading strategies. Baidu’s index is compiled from the number […]

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Mike Chen was quoted in Tianchen Wei’s online publication, Sina Finance, about ESG investing in China.

August 29, 2019

在做出投资选择时,公司是否遵守ESG(环境、社会和公司治理)原则成为在当今环境下越来越重要的一个指标。新浪财经日前对话了美国PanAgora(磐安)资产管理公司动力股票(Dynamic Equity)董事Mike Chen,请他对ESG投资的最新趋势发表见解,Mike Chen同时负责管理PanAgora ESG主题的投资组合。

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George Mussalli was quoted in Tainchen Wei’s online publication, Sina Finance, about the state of the economy and quant investing in China.

PanAgora是全球最大的投资管理公司之一加拿大Power Financial(鲍尔集团)旗下的一家资产管理公司,截止至2019年第二季度,PanAgora的资产管理规模在460亿美元左右。 以下是对话实录: 新浪财经:您如何看待美国目前十分震荡的经济形势和股票市场?我们应该为可能的经济衰退感到担忧吗? George Mussalli:我们现在已经处于经济周期的晚期阶段,每天都在有越来越多的信号告诉我们这一点,包括经济增速放缓、美债收益率曲线倒挂、低波动率股票回报更高等等,这通常都是经济周期尾声才会出现的现象。

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Mike Chen was quoted in Dervedia Thomas’ article “Managers Evaluate Impact of SEC’s Proposed Disclosure Changes,” published by FundFire.

August 22, 2019

“The challenge is the lack of a standard definition for materiality, says Mike Chen, director of dynamic equity at PanAgora Asset Management. The SEC defines materiality as matters with ‘a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would attach importance in determining whether to purchase the security,’ according to the proposal.”

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