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PanAgora in the News

George Mussalli was quoted in the Brazilian piece “Investidores quant alertam para uso de mesmos dados alternativos,” published by UOL.

July 7, 2020

(Bloomberg) — Quando a pandemia chegou, George Mussalli usou redes sociais e pesquisas no Google para descobrir quais empresas haviam sofrido um súbito colapso das vendas. Ao vasculhar os quadros de avisos em busca de pistas sobre o clima da equipe, o investidor quantitativo da PanAgora Asset Management buscou informações de alta frequência para navegar […]

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George Mussalli was quoted in Justina Lee’s article “Quants Sound Warning as Everyone Chases Same Alternative Data,” published by Bloomberg.

June 25, 2020

When the pandemic struck, George Mussalli used social media and Google searches to suss out which companies were gripped by a sudden collapse in sales. By scraping bulletin boards for clues on staff morale, the quant at PanAgora Asset Management dug deep for high-frequency insights to navigate his strategies through the crash.

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George Mussalli was quoted in Michael Msika and Ksenia Galouchko’s article “Small Caps Closed the Gap. Keeping Up May Be Tough: Taking Stock,” published in the Bloomberg Terminal.

May 14, 2020

“’All the signs are pointing to strong returns for small caps going forward,’ says George Mussalli, chief investment officer and head of research for equities at PanAgora Asset Management.”  

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George Mussalli was featured in Arthur Villasanta’s article “Coronavirus Vaccine Unlikely to Arrive in 2020: ‘It Doesn’t Look Very Promising,'” published by International Business Times.

“The latest expert source to attest to this impossibility used its experience in quantitative financial investment to analyze the progress being made by the 60 vaccine candidates. Boston-based PanAgora Asset Management analyzed vast quantities of medical research data to calculate which of the 60 will succeed in producing a successful vaccine within the year. The […]

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PanAgora was the feature of Gregor Stuart Hunter’s article “Quant Pioneer PanAgora Sees Scant Hope for Covid Vaccine in 2020,” published by Bloomberg.

May 12, 2020

“Investors may be waiting until 2021 before a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, according to quantitative pioneers PanAgora Asset Management Inc. The Boston-based systematic asset manager is using its ability to parse vast quantities of medical research data to infer whether any of approximately 60 trials currently underway will succeed in producing a successful vaccine, said […]

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Mike Chen was quoted in Lynn Strongin Dodds’ article “Buyside focus: ESG investing,” published by Best Execution

May 4, 2020

“Some managers like PanAgora Asset Management, though, have their own proprietary quantitative models that help identify ESG friendly companies that can also deliver alpha. “We would look at measures such as cost of capital to see which areas have a lower and higher cost of capital,” says Mike Chen, director of portfolio management, adding that […]

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Mike Chen and George Mussalli were quoted in James Rundle’s article “AI Funds Decline – Then Recover – During Market Turmoil,” published by The Wall Street Journal.

May 1, 2020

“‘Machine learning is a great tool, but it’s not a magic bullet. People need to know its limitations and be humble when they use it,’ said Mr. Chen, a regular speaker at financial-industry conferences on the subject of AI.”

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Mike Chen was quoted in Dervedia Thomas’ article “Managers Could Face New ESG Disclosures Under EU Proposal,” published by FundFire.

April 30, 2020

“The asset management industry has long needed a standard to govern ESG strategies, says Mike Chen, director, equity investments at PanAgora Asset Management. Under the proposal, firms will be required to explain how ESG-specific strategies, and any index they’re using, aim to meet those characteristics.”

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Richard Tan was quoted in Namitha Jagadeesh’s article “European Stocks Head for Best Month in Decade on Virus Drug Hope,” published by Bloomberg.

“This Gilead trial is actually the best-case scenario, hugely positive and the market should be up a lot,” said Richard Tan, a director at PanAgora Asset Management in Boston, who leads the stock selector equity team. “Just yesterday we were still tentative on whether the market might revisit March lows, but now we can probably […]

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